Voice Empowerment!

David here. I got a big shot of voice over confidence from taking a 2-day voice acting workshop in Calgary on May 13 and 14 at 6 Degrees Studios.

And, as often has been the case, my path to their door was paved by none other than Jeany! While attending the Emerge auditions in Calgary, a "coming out " party for recent graduates of professional actor training programs, Jeany found herself sitting next to Juan Delgado, the casting director for 6 Degrees, during lunch. They had a good chat, and Jeany got to tell Juan about our family having four voice talents.

A week later, Jeany gets an email saying there is a last spot open for this workshop usually reserved for ACTRA members and more advanced voice actors.  I responded, applied, and got in!   

In the meantime I also learned that a dear actor friend, Judith Buchan, who I played opposite in Anne of Green Gables last summer, would also be attending. And when I walked in the door of the studio, I saw another actor colleague from our days at Chemainus Theatre Festival on Vancouver Island, Maureen Thomas.

The workshop was taught by Juan and Christian Goutsis, a super-great voice director and actor. They were both so generous and clear in their work with us. I was amazed at how quickly I found freedom in the recording booth under their guidance, and by the charge of inspiration from the strong acting of the other participants. The encouragement and challenge I got sparked a fire of empowerment inside me that I haven't felt in a while--learning a new version of the actor's craft.

I came home and started auditioning, and since the workshop I have booked four gigs.

Last but not least, today I got an email from Juan inviting me and the boys to audition for a spot for 6 Degrees. We'll see how it goes!

6 Degrees.jpg