Christmas Time


Oh my what a wonderful and terribly busy time!  So many important things want to happen in December, and we do our best to enjoy them and savour the significance in the midst of the flurry.  The weather has been pretty darn exciting too -- almost as thick as the request for educational apps with child voices!

Ha.  Overall we are so grateful to help create imaginative, playful recordings for many clients and the boys have been good sports to manage the time for pickups and live sessions along with planning for Christmas gifting and concerts and auditions.

We get to home to Oregon for Christmas week and look forward to connecting with family there.  We have new hopes for 2014 for both David and Jeany to pursue more voice work and creating updated demo reels for all.  But in the meantime, we are keeping our head above the snow to finish several projects recorded by Donovan and Weston.

Merry Christmas everyone!